A Windows Media Center utility for importing custom XMLTV guide data.

Note: This project is retired and is no longer under development.

When I first started using Windows Media Center for my DVR at home, I couldn't find a cheap and simple way of populating the EPG guide from XMLTV data (scraped from various internet sources). There were a few existing products in development which promised to do just this but they either didn't work or had strange subscription models which I was disinclined to accept. It was only when someone in the forums released basic API documentation, I thought that I could tackle this issue myself.

I managed to get something working reasonably well for personal use.  After some inquiries from friends/work associates, I decided to offer the product to the public. If I found it useful, I'm sure there were others which would benefit also.

Fast forward a few years. The landscape has changed quite a bit. There are other free tools which provide a wider feature set and so there is no real reason to continue developing and supporting this product.

You can still download the original install file here (and a license file here). I'm considering open sourcing the code. If you're interested, contact me.
Update: The source code is available on Github.

I recommend having a look at the following products if you need to import xmltv data into windows media center: